LJM with its wide range of leather jackets now wants to see how well its customers look wearing them. The custom based made leather jackets are of best quality and have all the special features one can adore about a leather piece worth wearing. LJM surely knows that you must have looted the streets and surely have gained a lot of limelight after wearing them.Sharing pictures and telling your friends how well you dressed up and then seeing how they respond and tell you how well you looked is the most happening activity these days, we see pictures all over social networking sites and people are mostly addicted to this practice. And its a plus when you are wearing a leather jacket specially designed for you, stitched with care and cuts crafted for your particular size. LJM awaits for its modish and in vogue customers with their pictures.It pacifies LJM seeing you wearing the jackets and looking up to the minute. So send in your selfies. These Selfies would be a part of the LJM Look Book one we get the best of all. So you better be one of those.

And as at LJM we say:

Share your Photos ! Share your thoughts! Lets make endless knots !

There is also a 10% discount on the next purchase by just sending in your selfie and thats not all ! The best selfie wins a FREE leather jacket and will enjoy visibility as the TOP SELFIE of the month on our blog !